Seeking to Please

Rocking the boat isn’t something that I’m fond of. I’m an extremely compliant person. If the board game comes with rules, I’m going to read them and follow them to a “t”. If there’s a sign that says “Do Not Trespass,” I’m staying on the permissive ground.  And while I would like to think this is because I have a heart geared towards obedience, I know that’s not the truth. The truth is, I like to please other people, and I have found that if you obey the rules, that’s generally a good way to do that.

The problem is that sometimes I act like God should respond how I do, that He should make decisions based on what will please me and the rules I’ve established. After all, He wants me to be happy, right? So shouldn’t He comply with my desires? My opinions on what’s fair, what I deserve and what “justice” others should get, should seem to carry some weight on how my life turns out. Alas, when I think like this, I’ve turned Scripture on its head. For God doesn’t exist to please me, but I exist to please Him. When He in His sovereignty allows me to experience pain, it isn’t an indication that He doesn’t love me. Instead, it’s an opportunity for me to show my delight is truly only in Him. When I cease to put prominence on my desires, and seek instead, to commit to put Him on display, that’s when I truly understand the way things are. It’s my job to seek to please Him; and in His glory, find my pleasure.


  1. I would agree with you on everything you said, but I would also say that you do have a heart geared towards obedience.

    1. Ah, Wesley. You know better than that. Ultimately, we all want our own way; that's what it means to be a sinner. But I appreciate the sentiment behind your kind words. 🙂

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