Peace Rules

This continues a mini-series on peace. The first two parts can be found here and here.

It’s amazing the things that can weigh down our hearts – minor travails like finding the right Christmas present for that hard-to-please person, to major concerns like the unfavorable prognosis that a loved one received.. It’s not difficult to find things in this world to focus our care and concern on.Β  Unmet needs abound and problems that can’t be fixed are plentiful.

Despite this turmoil, Scripture tells us that the Christian can have peace. In fact, in Colossians 3:15 we are commanded to “let the peace of Christ rule your heart.” What is so great about this directive is that it is something that is volitional – we can choose to let Christ’s peace reign. This means that despite the bad news we receive today, despite the unexpected bill that comes in mail, and despite even the unexpected loss of a loved one, our hearts can be dominated by peace. This isn’t to say it’s easy – it certainly isn’t – but it is possible. And in that, in knowing that it is possible for the Prince of Peace to flood our heart, there is hope for weathering the storms.

Of course, this also means that we can choose to not let Christ’s peace rule. This means that we can choose to struggle underneath the cares of this world. We can elect to let worry and anxiety set up residence in our heart. We can be people who let turmoil rock us and let trials derail us. However, the One who calmed the wind and the seas, desires to calm our hearts as well . And the more we choose to let Christ’s peace rule, the less the temporal struggles of this world will seem an unmanageable burden when compared to the weight of glory.

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