On Deposit

My husband works in a bank. Part of his job is to help potential customers see how his bank might be able to serve their needs better than their current bank. It’s not an easy proposition. After all, the customers have a relationship with their current bank. They know and presumably like their current financial provider. Not only that, but their current bank literally has control over some of the business’ assets. There is a dependency there and it’s a hard bond to break.

As Christians, we also have been entrusted with a deposit. According to 2 Timothy 1:14, our deposit is the Gospel message which we have heard. The fact that this message has been given to us should strengthen our resolve to hold fast to the One Who’s message it is. In other words, just like a customer and a bank are inextricably bonded when the customer gives the bank some money to hold on to, because Christ has given us His message of salvation, we should more fully grasp on to Him.

The wonderful thing about this verse in 2 Timothy is that right before it, Paul is writing about all the suffering he has had to endure. Paul demonstrates to us that the reason he is able to suffer well is because of the fact that Christ entrusted him with the salvation message. It’s because of the Gospel that Paul knows that his suffering is not in vain. It’s because of the Gospel that Paul knows that the work he does here on Earth can have an eternal reward. And it’s because of the Gospel that Paul knows his suffering is temporary but his salvation is secured.

So it should be for us. We should suffer well, work hard, and proceed with confidence because we too have been entrusted with the Good News of Christ.

(And as a side note, we should recognize that when banks take a deposit from one customer then often turn it into a loan for someone else. May we similarly share the deposit that we’ve been given so that we can bless others and receive eternal returns.)

What do you think?