Not Even A Lean

If you have ever seen military personnel stand walk in formation, you know that they do so with a precision that is unseen in other parts of our culture. Toe-to-toe or side-by-side, they stand in such a way that if you were to take an aerial picture of them, you would see that they are in a perfectly straight line. No one leans to the right or the left; they are fixed in their formation.

Psalm 141 tells Christians that our hearts should be similarly fixed upon God and His ways. As verse 4 states, “Do not let my heart incline to any evil” which means that we are so focused on walking the narrow path that we do not even lean towards the path of destruction. We are so committed to walk in the straight ways of God, that we do not dare to even look towards the direction of sin.Ā  Just as military personnel concentrate their efforts on maintaining the integrity of their formation, so the Christian should concentrate on maintaining the integrity of our faith, walking in the way God has commanded.

May our hearts be so focused on God and His ways that we do not even lean in another direction.


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