No Other Good Thing

It’s always fun to get an unexpected gift from someone. Whether it’s flowers sent to you by your husband, a “I saw this and thought of you” present from a friend, or an encouraging e-mail from a colleague, these unanticipated tokens have a remarkable way of lifting your spirits. You look at them and smile, because the nonobligatory goodness with which they are given reminds you of the sweetness of the relationship.

In an even deeper way, the good gifts God gives us can have a similar effect on us.. The rising sun in the morning, finding something you thought was lost, or a respite in the midst of busyness, can warm your heart and flood you with encouragement. However, just as our relationships would suffer if we demanded flowers, presents and e-mails, so our relationship with God suffers when we are so focused on what He’s capable of giving, that we lose sight of Him. As a song [affiliate link] written by Elizabeth Clephane (1868) states, “I ask no other sunshine than, the sunshine of His face.” In other words, we must realize that as wonderful as His good gifts are, they pale in comparison to the gift of Him.

How gracious is our Heavenly Father that He allows us to come to Him with our petitions and requests. But may we seek Him first and primarily, remembering that when we have Him, we need no other good thing.


  1. Such a great reminder Natalie! A little bit ago a girlfriend & I were commiserating over our struggles with trying to get pregnant. She thought she might be, after going through an infertility treatment, but she said……."I don't want to get my hopes up." When I thought about it I realized that YES we SHOULD to get your hopes up!! We just need to get our hopes up in the RIGHT WAY! Our hopes rest in our Heavenly Father, His precious gift of Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ! Would I love to be blessed with a child, absolutely!!! But does my hope rest in having a family? No! I put my hope in spending eternity with Jesus!

    1. I love that thought – our hopes should get up to heavenly level. What a great way to approach life's struggles and disappointments. We should always have hope because our hope rests not in what happens here, but in Him.

      Thank you for sharing your journey. I will definitely be praying for you that God would direct your family and that it would expand according to His will.

      NA Winter

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