Disappointed with Disciples

Ask a hundred people who grew up going to church why they stopped attending, and you might hear a wide variety of answers. However, throughout your inquiry, you will in all likelihood consistently find one theme – at some level or another, they abandoned their institution of organized religion because of some type of disappointment with others who claimed the same religious beliefs. Usually this accusation falls under the headline of “hypocrisy” and the outcomes of this charge can often be severe. After al, if you can’t trust those who you regularly attend church with to be consistent in living out their beliefs, whom can you trust?

The answer of course, is Christ, for He is the One that our trust should be in to begin with. As much as the Bible calls us to love and to serve other believers, it is also clear that we are only to rely on and trust them in as much as they follow Christ (See I Corinthians 11:1.) When they don’t, we should pray for them and encourage them but our commitment to our Savior should not be vanquished. Followers are not the Master and when we treat them as one in the same, it is a guarantee that disappointment will soon follow.
It’s amazing how quickly we make this distinction in other parts of our lives. I, for instance, am a Dallas Cowboys fan (much to the chagrin of many in my family.)  Whether it’s Romo inexplicable botching the hold for a field goal kick, or a player being arrested…again, my affection for the team isn’t contingent on how one individual member of the team performs. In the same, but much holier, way, neither should my dedication to Christ. My faith is in Him alone, and that’s a faith that will never disappoint.


  1. Very nice blog Natalie! We are commanded to love one another(John 13:34-35) and to do it to His glory. I'm thankful Jesus paid for that hypocrisy that happens in His church.

  2. Hey Natalie,
    Thanks for chapel last Tuesday at SVCS. I've thought several times about some of the things you talked about. Sorry our students aren't in the habit of taking their Bible's to chapel. I was embarrassed for them. I did hear great comments however. Keep up the great work.
    Rene Reed

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