A Talkative Spirit

As a writer, I talk to myself a lot. Every time I sit down to write, I think through in my mind what I want to say, how I want to say it, and I craft a the potential “conversation” that I want to have with my readers. It’s a process that works for me for writing, but the trouble is that the talking doesn’t end once I’m now longer in front of the computer screen. Like all of us, I suppose, I’m constantly making internal evaluations about what’s going on around me. I’m planning and creating strategies for how to go about life. Within my mind, I ruminate on this world and create a dialogue with myself on how I’m going to navigate it.

And while this propensity for inner dialgogue may be common, I’m not sure it’s Biblical. The Bible says that I should have a quiet spirit (I Peter 3:4). A quiet spirit is one that’s so content in the Lord that I do not feel the need to figure out for myself how I’m going to go about life. A quiet spirit is one that trust the Lord’s plans and is letting Him lead, not crafting my own initiatives. A quiet spirit so rests in God’s evaluations of this life as is revealed in His Word, that my evaluations are unimportant. In other words, when my spirit is talkative is means that I’m listening to me, and not to Him, and that is indicative of where I’m placing my trust.

May my spirit increasingly be silent, so that may listen to His Spirit more.


  1. good point! i mistook quiet spirit in the past for a quiet person like in general..and a question though: like what if ypur thinking a lot about what you're going to do to make sure you are doing what God wants you to do like always thinking "what does He want?" like planning how to go about life for Him?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that the other post helped. I think as Christians we want to make sure that we are finding our satisfaction in Christ alone. The more that we can reduce personal pronouns in our conversations with Him, the more that I think we are doing that. We want to make sure that our questions about "what does God want" is about Him and His delight, and not a desire to focus on ourselves and our lives, because as Christians, our lives belong to Him.

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