Changed and Commissioned

Teaching college students is one of the greatest joys of my life. It combines two things that get me excited – business principles and helping others. Although it may be strange to think that business principles can get one excited they truly do. Its just one of my many quirks.

Along with teaching though, there comes the time that the students will inevitably leave. This isn’t a time I look forward to although it is a time that’s filled with mixed emotions. You’re proud of what they’ve accomplished and yet sad that you will in all likelihood never see them again this side of heaven. At the same time, many students approach their date of graduation, a day that they’ve been preparing for the past four years, with trepidation. Many don’t know what they’ll do at the time of their departure and they are looking for some sort of plan.

My hope for all my students, regardless of the plans that they’ve established for themselves, is that they’ve used their time during their college careers to get know their Father better, to deepen their relationship with Him, to make a commitment that they’ll be used by Him “any way, any time, any place.” In other words, its not only their increase in business knowledge that I hope has changed them, I hope that their hearts have been changed as well.

The amazing thing is that immediately upon being changed, we have a commission. Christians do not have to wonder what their purpose in life is; God has made it abundantly clear that all of creation was instigated for His glory. We may feel that we don’t know which path to tread, but in truth, we always know what we are to do. We are to do that which brings our Father honor, praise, and adoration – from our own lives and the lives of others.

What is true for my students, is true in each life that has been made a new creation by the work of the Spirit. Being changed by God precipitates a commission. Our job is to be committed to fulfilling it.

What do you think?